Coronavirus - Pandemic Possibilities for the IT Community

Way back in February, I was a participant in a project by seven vendors whose clients are IT Support organizations.  Our goal was to create a document that would help your clients prepare for the necessary changes in the way they do business if the Coronavirus escalated into a major concern.  Since then, of course, COVID-19 has been declared a global pandemic.  This declaration has had a dramatic impact on our daily operations and those of our clients.

Too late for "Prior Proper Planning"

The result of this collaboration was Prior Proper Planning (for Pandemic Possibilities), with an emphasis on preparing your clients for a worst-case scenario in the hope that such an eventuality would not occur.  As of the middle of March, it's no longer "Prior," but the same considerations apply.  The "Three Ps" referenced in the article (Prepare - Protect - Process) are even more critical for your clients to follow now.

Credit where credit is due

This article was primarily written by Alex Farling, at LifeCycle Insights.  Each of us contributed some of our thoughts and ideas to the article, but we have Alex to thank for pulling it all together and making it as visually appealing and as readable as it is.  I trust you will find value in it, and possibly some ideas you hadn't previously considered.  You have our permission to share these ideas with your clients as you deem appropriate.