I'm as average and unlearned a computer user as there is, who has come to depend on the thing, and needs to trust it while still maximizing its potential. Thank you, Ken, for this clear and concise how-to on caring for my machine, keeping it safe and my work intact.
     Rev. Dr. Jesse Jennings

Ken has attacked this important subject and created a "Must Have" book for every computer owner. It is a timely, informative and extremely readable book on computer protection. This book may just save you from the perils of personal data loss and potential identity theft.
     Dale Liu, Sr. Security Consultant/Trainer
     Computer Revolution Enterprises

Most people find that they have to use computers to get through the day these days. For the first time in history they are using a technology they hardly understand and increasingly fear. Not understanding the technology because of its gobbledygook language, and fearing it because, like some medieval plague it has virus epidemics causing global horror diseases such as personal eavesdropping and loss of identity.

At last we have a book that translates the gobbledygook and takes away the fear in one masterful stroke.

Ken Dwight is a veritable Louis Pasteur, he gives us the cure for a scourge simply by making the computer virus a beatable disease.

His book Bug-Free Computing should be on every computer operators desk - worldwide. Just like me - I want my computer to live a healthy lifestyle.
     Michael Hick
     Author GLOBAL DEALS - Marketing and Managing
     Across Cultural Frontiers

The cause and the cure for viruses and other malware can be found in here. Most books leave me with more questions. This book has the answers!
     Louis Lopez, MSCE, CNE, CCNA, CCA, MCP+I, A+,
     N+, CCSA, CCSE, ICIS, Intel StorageWorks
     Specialist, HP STAR ISP, NCP, NTP, Compaq ASE

Ken Dwight's writing is brilliant in its intelligence and analysis, yet a very comfortable read for layman computer operators, like me. For the computer users who use the Internet minutes a day in fun and communication, to the professionals in all disciplines who are now so dependent upon computers for their productivity and livelihood, this book is invaluable.
     Douglas Shannon, General Manager,
     Northgate Forest Companies

If you think you know it all about protecting your computer from viruses, spyware and hackers, think again. This book will help take the fear out of potential dangers lurking on the Internet and help shield you from malicious attacks. The Virus Doctor knows what is best and explains it in an easy-to-read book.
     Michael Garfield, "The High-Tech Texan®"
     Technology Radio and TV Host

If you rely on your computer to help run your business, this book is a must-read. It offers valuable advice on how to protect your data. Best of all the information has been "translated" from GEEK into easy-to-understand language. It's easy to see how an ounce of prevention can save your computer data.and your business.
     Tom Britton, President
     Greater Heights Chamber of Commerce

This book perfectly serves the needs of two markets -- it's required reading for my technicians, who are frequently required to identify and remove viruses, spyware, and other malicious programs from client computers, and we recommend the book to all of our clients, to help them prevent these problems from infecting their computers in the future.
     Wayne Springer, President
     Atiwa Computing, Inc.

It is with great pleasure that I endorse your new book, Bug-Free Computing. It is excellent and timely. I totally agree with your statement that "there are only two kinds of computers in use today - those that have been infected by a virus, and those that will be!" In my 2005 edition of Stress Management: A Comprehensive Guide to Wellness (Ballantine, New York) I dedicated a new chapter to "Technology and Time Management: Focus Your Laser." One of my statements is: "Unfortunately, there are many "big, bad wolves" out there that can make our high technology time management techniques more stress promoting than stress managing. We can make a mistake, technology can fail, electricity can surge and viruses can sabotage." You can bet that my next edition will reference Bug-Free Computing to help my readers have another resource to help them cope with the stress of our high technology era. Best of luck in your publishing venture and thanks for helping others protect themselves from the "big, bad wolves" and manage their stress more effectively.
     Edward A. Charlesworth, PhD
     Clinical Psychologist
     Co-Author of Stress Management:
     A Comprehensive Guide to Wellness

     (Ballantine, New York)