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The Virus Doctor™ has written over 70 articles for publication in various trade journals as well as general-circulation newspapers and magazines.  Some of the most frequently requested articles related to viruses, hackers, spam, other malicious programs, and computer security in general are being made available free of charge on this page.  The most recent articles, and all future ones, are in the form of blog posts which you can access by clicking on the "Blog" entry in the main menu of this site.

Here are some of the most popular recent articles, with links to download them if you so choose:

    • A dozen dangerous myths about computer viruses -- This document lists 12 common misconceptions about viruses and points out why each one is incorrect.  In many cases the statement was true at one time, but no longer.  Click here to download it.
    • Action steps to take today for virus protection -- This document describes 10 steps you can take today to make sure your computer is protected against viruses and other malicious programs as much as possible.  Click here to download it.
    • 12 Steps to virus protection -- This document, first produced in 2005 and continually updated since, goes into more technical detail on preventive measures the knowledgeable user can take to more fully protect their computers against viruses.  Click here to download it.
    • Virus presentation to business owners -- This is the handout Ken uses in his public presentations to groups of business owners, such as Chambers of Commerce, Rotary Clubs, and networking groups.  This document summarizes the talking points that are normally covered in these presentations; depending on the time constraints of your particular meeting, he may not have touched on all of these points.  Included are product and vendor names and links to further information.  Click here to download it.
    • Social Engineering Red Flags -- This document, produced by Kevin Mitnick, demonstrates 22 clues you may find in an e-mail message that could indicate it may be an attempt at phishing or spear-phishing.  At one time Kevin Mitnick was the most-wanted hacker in the world.  He is now associated with, and they have generously provided this document.  Click here to download it.
    • Should you clean a virus infection, or wipe and reload everything? -- This document is a downloadable version of a popular blog post from April, 2013.  If you believe that wiping the hard drive and reloading everything is the best way to get rid of a virus infection, please read this article before you (or your technician) do something you will regret.  Some shops disagree with this position, but any open-minded tech who reads this article will see that taking the "nuke and pave" approach is never in their best interest and rarely what is best for the client/user.  Click here to download a printable version.

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