September 2011

New Virus Infects BIOS

In a new twist on the ever-changing methods used by malware authors, a recently-discovered virus has been found to infect the BIOS of the targeted computer. Symantec has named this threat Trojan.Mebroni and describes it as follows: Trojan.Mebroni is a Trojan horse that infects the BIOS and the Master Boot Record (MBR). It also downloads an additional file on to the compromised computer.

Dirty Tricks of the Malware Trade

As malware has grown more sophisticated in recent years, the challenge of removing it has grown more complex. Many of the tools and approaches that computer techs used in the past are no longer effective and may not even be available on an infected computer.

Here are some of the roadblocks you may face when dealing with the current generation of malware.