Ken's Book

Ken Dwight has been a computer professional since 1966, when he was hired as a Programmer Trainee on mainframe computers. Riding the IT fast track, he held numerous positions over the next six years, including Systems Analyst, Systems Programmer, and Senior Systems Engineer for a leading computer terminal manufacturer.

In 1972 he left the corporate world to start his consulting practice. In 1982, his firm bought its first IBM Personal Computer, and the focus of the consulting practice since then has been primarily PC related.  That practice has evolved over the years into its present-day identity as The Virus Doctor™.

Since 2002, when the Klez worm changed the landscape of computer viruses, Ken has specialized in preventing, curing, and repairing the damage caused by malware on Personal Computers. As The Virus Doctor™, Ken is recognized today as one of the leading authorities on this ever-changing subject. 

Ken spends at least 50 days per year teaching end-users and IT Support Techs how to more effectively handle malware-related issues. He developed the seminar “Safe Computing in the Facebook Era” for end-users and the in-depth Virus Remediation Training workshop for techs.  Today he has hundreds of graduates, in most of the United States + 7 foreign countries.

With this, his first book, Ken is offering this vital information to those computer users who can't attend a live seminar, or those attendees who want even more detailed information on this rapidly changing subject.

The plain language and clear explanations in Bug-Free Computing™ make it an essential and easy read for any computer user. If you use a computer, there's too much at stake for you not to have this information.