About Us

For the time being, we're content to let other reputable sources tell you "about us". The photo to the left is The Virus Doctor™ himself, Ken Dwight, from a popular article in The Houston Chronicle.

This photograph is by Kevin Fujii, of The Houston Chronicle, and they retain the copyright to this original pose.

This photograph accompanied an article that quoted Ken Dwight as an expert on the subject of Spyware. The article was the lead story on the front page of the Business Section of the Houston Chronicle on Sunday, April 11, 2004. The title is Spyware: They came from cyberspace. The full text, with extensive hyperlinks, is still accessible from the Houston Chronicle Web site.

Another, more recent article on the subject of Spyware also included Ken Dwight among the experts quoted. This article was first published in the Credit Union National Association newsletter, and has since been reprinted in the newsletters and e-zines of many member credit unions. The title is “Spyware: They came from cyberspace”. The full text, with extensive hyperlinks, is accessible from the CUNA web site.

Ken presented a webinar for Office Depot in their Web Café series. The title was “What Every Computer User Needs to Know About Viruses.” That popular webinar appears to no longer be available in the Web Café archives.

The Virus Doctor™ is a Trademark of Kennedy Bryan Dwight, Jr., a Houston-based cybersecurity consultant.  He originally formed his consultancy in 1972, and he is still active in the business today.  Ken divides his time between providing IT Support to SMBs, training other technicians in his Malware Incident Response methodology, and speaking to business groups, professional organizations, and IT Industry events.