Black Friday 2016

Are You Tired of Losing Money (and Clients) on Virus Repairs?
Save 40% on the Virus Remediation Training Workshop

When a client's computer is infected by malware, how do you handle it? What are your results? How would you like to be able to answer those questions this way:

  • We find and remove all of the malware
  • None of it comes back when the computer is returned to service
  • We complete the cleanup in less than two hours

If you can't make those statements about your malware-removal process, you haven't completed the Virus Remediation Training workshop, by The Virus Doctor™. Over the past 7 years, hundreds of computer techs around the U. S. and in 6 foreign countries have completed this specialized, concentrated training and consistently achieve these results – or better.

This two-day workshop is made up of three components that work together to improve any tech's effectiveness and efficiency in finding and removing malware from infected computers and networks. These three pieces are the building blocks of the workshop:

  • Education – Teaching the attendees the inner workings of the Registry, and the various methods used by malware to infect vulnerable systems
  • Tools – A comprehensive set of software tools that lead the tech directly to the source of the infection and knock down barriers to recognizing and removing the malware
  • Methodology – A step-by-step procedure that the graduate can follow to deal with the various types of malware in the most effective and most efficient manner

It's also important to point out what this workshop is not. Most of the methods, tools, and techniques used by the average (even very experienced) tech do not play a role in this training. Specifically, it's "not about" any of these approaches:

  • Running a series of scans with various anti-virus and anti-malware programs, hoping at least one of them will find and remove all infections (they usually won't!)
  • Wiping the hard drive and reloading everything from scratch
  • Removing the hard drive from the infected system and scanning it on another computer
  • Booting into a non-Windows Operating System and scanning in that environment

At the normal tuition of $495 for this workshop, most shops measure the return on that investment in a matter of weeks, if not days. At the 4-day-only sale price of just $297, it will have paid for itself by the second or third malware cleanup you do.

To take advantage of this sale, go to, choose the workshop date in December or January that best fits your schedule, and enter Coupon Code HOLIDAY40 on the checkout page. If you need any more details of the training, you'll find them on that page as well.

Happy Holidays!

The fine print:  For this reduced price, you receive almost everything that is normally included at the full price.  The only exception is your membership in the Continuing Malware Education program, which runs for 12 months after the workshop date with the full tuition.  This limited-time offer includes 90 days' membership in the CME program; you may add 12 months for an additional fee of $125 per attendee.